Airbnb’s Faux Populism

Along with a whole host of other noble claims Airbnb makes about its business, the assertion that Airbnb cares about property rights is less than true.

In response to a recent lawsuit against the company over allowing listings that violated users’ lease agreements, Airbnb called the suit an “attack on the middle class by powerful interests.”

Right, because a $30 billion company is far from a “powerful interest.”

Airbnb also tried to offer the complaining apartment management company a cut of the revenue to keep their noses out of it.

The Spectator writes: “Note the sheer arrogance both of Airbnb’s response and its attempt at appeasement: Apparently, not letting a company profit off a building that you own while handing you an allowance like they’re your parent is an ‘attack on the middle class.’”

Airbnb “simply wishes to paint the needs of a giant, unaccountable sharing company as somehow aligned with populism, all while stepping on the property rights of, not just large landholders, but every independent landlord in the country.”

We couldn’t agree more.