Airbnb’s Bad Actors are Back After the Company’s Data Purge

Heard about Airbnb’s little transparency problem? Looks like it just got a whole lot worse.

Yesterday Airbnb confirmed the report and admitted it scrubbed – wait for it – 1,500 listings run by commercial landlords just before opening its books to the public.

And now, just one day later, 150 of those listings were found back up on the site, researcher Murray Cox reported to Bloomberg. All in all, today’s new data shows 134 hosts who operated multiple units before the data purge have added at least one unit since, and 44 of those hosts have added at least two – a clear violation of the city’s short-term rental law.

As with other invasive pests that Airbnb struggles to control, Airbnb’s self-policing of illegal listings CLEARLY doesn’t work. Since Airbnb has demonstrated that it can’t be trusted to prevent commercial operators from abusing its platform – unless it’s about get caught in the act – state and local governments should close the illegal hotel loophole.

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