Airbnb Works Against Working Families

Airbnb is making already-tight housing markets even harder for working families.

But don’t just take it from us.

New York Public Advocate Letitia James recently commented: “Airbnb’s practices are swallowing up affordable housing units.”

This follows earlier comments James made about Airbnb’s complicity in the formation of illegal hotels. (Starting at 1:20.)

As James said: “It is illegal to rent out an apartment for less than 30 days, but unfortunately a significant number of individuals are using sites such as Airbnb to rent out their apartments.”

Or take attorney Marti Weithman, supervising attorney of MFY Legal Services and one of the authors a recent report from ShareBetter, who said commercial operators “are the biggest, baddest actors on Airbnb and other platforms. And that is the trend that we are seeing – multiple units being taken off the rental market in a single building.”

All across the country – from New York to California – affordable housing advocacy groups are fighting to keep housing stock available for those who need it. What’s Airbnb doing? Helping investors buy up residential property to rent out full time as illegal hotels.