Airbnb Uses Data for Magazine Publishing, Still Conceals it from Regulators

Last week Airbnb announced its plans for a new magazine with stories sourced “from billions of anonymous data points collected by the home-sharing service.”

Funny how the company is so eager to use its data to sell magazines but won’t be transparent with regulators about the true scope and scale of the illegal operators on its platform.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said that Airbnb decided to get into the magazine business because “there’s the possibility that it can be saved. It isn’t ephemeral, as opposed to content on a feed that expires.”

Wow! According to Chesky, not only is Airbnb saving the middle class through its noble homesharing platform, it also has plans to save print publishing!

This all sounds nice, but we know the real Airbnb and it has a long history of putting its profit over its community and being less-than-transparent with its data – data that would hold its commercial operators responsible and make for safer, legal homesharing.