Airbnb Says One Thing, Does Another in Boston

Airbnb claims a typical host in Boston is just an average joe listing their home a few times per year to make a little extra money.

Not so much.

A new study, released today, shows that more than half (52%) of Airbnb’s Boston-area revenue – almost $25 million – comes from operators who listed properties for rent more than 180 days per year.

Nice try.

On top of that stat, the study also shows that operators listing multiple units for rent drove almost half (45%) of Airbnb’s revenue in the Boston region – $21 million.

That doesn’t exactly follow Airbnb’s narrative of regular folks occasionally renting out a spare room to make ends meet. In fact, Airbnb has a growing commercial operator problem.

Airbnb has said it supports legislation taxing its rentals, but it opposed a bill that would have spelled out statewide standards for hosts.

Typical Airbnb, claiming to play ball, but always fighting against a level playing field.