Airbnb price gouging could cost fans thousands to attend Super Bowl

Airbnb price gouging could cost fans thousands to attend Super Bowl

Minneapolis Airbnb hosts increase price by as much as $5,000 per night for NFL championship game

The new AirbnbWATCH Price Gouging report shows significant price gouging by Airbnb hosts in Minneapolis, Minnesota for rentals during Super Bowl weekend in the host city for this year’s NFL championship game.

One two-bedroom apartment in downtown Minneapolis, which normally rents for $75 per night, is advertising a $5,000 per night rate for Super Bowl weekend.  A typical three-night stay at this apartment would cost a total of $311 but the same length of stay during Super Bowl weekend would cost more than $15,000.

See the price gouging for yourself:

Airbnb’s in Minneapolis Feb 4-5 Rate/Night Feb 6 Rate/Night $ Rate Increase Percent Increase
Bridget’s place $3,000 $59 $2,941 4985%
Hosted by Daniel $2,000 $69 $1,931 2799%
Hosted by Red Chair $1,500 $59 $1,441 2442%
Hosted by Danielle $3,600 $95 $3,505 3669%
Hosted by Susannah $5,000 $75 $4,925 6567%
Private room in house $1,530 $65 $3,465 5331%
Private room in apt $1,500 $76 $1,424 1873%
Semi-private room $1,500 $65 $1,435 2207%
Private room in house  $3,030 $55 $2,975 5409%
Hosted by Jesse $10,000 $500 $9,500 1900%
*Superbowl Feb 4
**All rates and unit availablities subject to change per host preference


Here’s what Airbnb is saying:

In a San Diego Union-Tribune article, Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs, was quoted saying “It’s pretty clear that our hosts don’t engage in gouging.  When demand for Airbnb increases, supply also tends to increase.  When you look at big events, like for a Super Bowl weekend, there’s maybe a $20 increase.”

How long before Airbnb’s price gouging is reigned in and consumers are protected?