Airbnb Partiers Wreak Havoc on Quiet Florida Community

Airbnb is creating headaches for communities once again, this time in a quiet neighborhood in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that partiers renting through Airbnb are triggering complaints at the Tierra Verde mansion, disturbing a usually peaceful neighborhood and diverting law enforcement resources to shut down late-night partying.

Robert Lauby is the self-proclaimed “fun-loving” host renting out the mansion and allowing his Airbnb subletters to disrupt the peace. He has publicly downplayed the situation, accusing his neighbors of being “very fussy.”

Lauby took his ad down after sheriff’s deputies visited the house almost 20 times in two months. More than half of the calls to police and house visits occurred after midnight.

Surprised Airbnb left this neighborhood to suffer? Don’t be.

All over the country, communities are under siege by Airbnb operators turning houses into party pads. Airbnb refuses to take substantive steps to stop this abuse. Just ask residents of Chicago and Washington, DC, where Airbnb has allowed hosts to rent out houses for raucous parties in residential neighborhoods.

Airbnb did nothing to protect this Tampa Bay community; yours could be next.