Short-Term Rental Horror Stories in America


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Illegal short-term rental listings on Big Tech platforms, such as Airbnb and HomeAway, are fracturing communities across the country – replacing neighbors with strangers, increasing the cost to own or rent a home, and bringing uncontrolled parties and violence into once-peaceful neighborhoods.

Americans are greeted with local and national news filled with unthinkable horror stories on a daily basis. It’s clear that lives and communities are being broken due to these short-term rental units. Unregulated, ‘illegal hotels’ listed on these Big Tech rental platforms are wreaking havoc on our neighborhoods and must be stopped.

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Short-Term Rental Platforms Skirt The Law

City leaders across the country are trying to protect neighborhoods from these horror stories by passing short-term rental laws. But Big Tech rental platforms have been fighting to block common-sense local ordinances and even misusing and manipulating narrow provisions of the Communications Decency Act (CDA 230) to avoid compliance with local laws.

These Big Tech rental platforms, especially Airbnb and HomeAway, are shamefully exploiting CDA 230 to shield illegal rentals on their websites and steal affordable housing options away from hard-working families, while padding their corporate profits off this illegal activity.

A National Solution: Amend CDA 230

Congress needs to step in to stop these Big Tech rental platforms from exploiting CDA 230 to avoid compliance with local short-term rental laws that are needed to protect neighborhoods. It’s time for Congress to step in and enact the bipartisan Protecting Local Authority & Neighborhoods (PLAN) Act.

Local Fight Spotlight

In Jersey City, residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of stricter regulation on short-term rentals. The new regulations are a major defeat for Airbnb.

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