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“Tax Day” for Airbnb

April 18, 2017

Every year in April, taxpayers – both individuals and businesses – step up to support the vital public services that underpin our communities. Teachers and schools, police and fire departments, roads, bridges and infrastructure are paid for by the taxes... View Article

Airbnb’s New York Problem

April 10, 2017

They say it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but if you’re Airbnb you have a long track record of choosing neither option. As Airbnb has grown from in 2010 to the $30 billion company it is today, it... View Article

Airbnb’s Growing Bag of Dirty Tricks

March 21, 2017

Another week and more of the same: Airbnb’s dirty tricks. New evidence proves that Airbnb thinks the rules don’t apply to it. A report from the Chicago Tribune on the release of thousands of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s emails shows... View Article

Airbnb’s Faux Populism

February 24, 2017

Along with a whole host of other noble claims Airbnb makes about its business, the assertion that Airbnb cares about property rights is less than true. In response to a recent lawsuit against the company over allowing listings that violated... View Article

The Dark Side of Airbnb

February 16, 2017

When commercial operators use Airbnb to run an illegal hotel business and avoid the basic health and safety regulations that all other lodging businesses must follow, it puts consumers at risk. In a striking example, Huffington Post contributor Frank Farwell... View Article